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World Virtual Airline Statistics

Total Pilots: 1
Total Flights: 253
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Flight Hours: 850 hrs
Total Flight Miles: 303,078 nm
Total Fuel Burned: 5,891,671 lbs
Total Pax Carried: 26,517
Total Cargo Carried: 5,761 tonnes
Total Unique Aircrafttypes: 74

Schedules African Airways: 1637
Schedules Air Asia: 4112
Schedules European Airways: 3491
Schedules Oceanic Airways: 3366
Schedules North American airlines: 14506
Schedules South American Airways: 2991
Total Schedules: 30311
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Welcome to World Virtual Airlines
Our headquarters and our main hub are based in Brussels (EBBR).

We have various networks covering the globe with over 30000 schedules.
Even up to 500nm away from the northpole.

There is a schedule search system that can search on Airline, Departure / arrival airport,
aircraft type, flight duration, etcÖ..

We only ask members to use an aircraft similar to the one in the schedule, so no concorde when it says king air. But we will Never refuse a pirep for such thing.

We also have an assignment system, which you can also setup as you wish, even for flights only < 1h30.

There are quite a few tours and events coming up this year to keep everyone occupied.

In a nutshell : Our main goal is simple, have fun in the sky !!!





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Latest News

Italy Tour

Hello pilots,


15 flights will bring us to some nice cities around Italy. 

You will depart from Pisa (LIRP), the route will take you via Malpensa through the rest of Italy.

All pilots completing this, will be rewarded. Have fun !


Posted on 18/08/2020

WorldVa logger Version


Hi All

There is a new version available of our World Virtual Airlines logger. 

You can find it here :   http://www.worldva.com/index.php/wva/downloads


Changelog : 

- Possible to ignore parking brakes. In case of Heli Tours (under the settings)

- In case of a go around, the final landing counts for your landing rate.




Best Regards, 

Kristof Van den Brande - kristof.vandenbrande@worldva.com

Chief Executive Officer of the World Virtual Airlines

Posted on 18/04/2012

New Version WorldVa logger

There is a new version available of our WorldVa logger.


You can find it here :   http://www.worldva.com/index.php/downloads/dl/9


Changelog : 

Logger reconnects automatic when it looses connection with FSUIPC during flight.

In previous versions of our logger your log would  have become  useless since the logging would just stop on connection failure.







Best Regards, 

Wim Van San - wim.vansan@worldva.com

Chief Executive Officer of the World Virtual Airlines

Posted on 18/03/2012